Cloud Contact Centres

Cloud Contact Centres

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Today, customers use more digital channels than ever before and expect to connect and communicate with businesses seamlessly. While it’s easy to provide more communication channels for customers to reach out to your business, it's challenging to have your team and infrastructure catch up to support those channels and maintain a high level of customer service.

Many contact centres are playing catch up and running old on-premise technology and software that simply can’t keep up with the way customers and businesses now communicate. Cloud contact centres is a modern solution over legacy on-premise contact centres and use the latest in communications technology.

Cloud Contact Centres

Market leading CCaaS solutions

A unified communication system connects you with your customers wherever they are, whenever they need. Our contact centre advice is the most economical way to upgrade your communication channels. 

Our CCaaS specialists are experts in their field and provide the most up to date and trusted advice. Plus we have established great partnerships with market leading vendors, so we know how much you should pay for current platforms and can help you choose the right one for your budget.

Our recommended cloud-based platforms offer the best options to your business, your agents, and your customers. Consult with us for independent advice and the best outcome for your project.

Benefits of migrating to a CCaaS solution

The need to modernise your contact centre to continue to deliver the best customer experience in today’s landscape is essential. With the ever growing need for contact centres to be agile, scalable and meet customer demands, CCaaS solutions are being adopted rapidly by businesses. Let’s take a look at the main reasons to migrate from your legacy on-premise platform to the cloud.
Seamless Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Customers expect to be able to communicate with businesses via multiple channels. The right CCaaS platform will deliver true omnichannel capabilities such as universal routing and queuing of voice calls, along with internet channels such as email, webchat, sms and social media.

Cost Efficient Solution​

Cloud centre solutions are cost efficient. Migrating to a true CCaaS solution makes sense because compared to traditional solutions there is predictable billing, little upfront investment, no expensive hardware, reduced ongoing costs and IT staffing. These platforms are the most economical way to upgrade you communication channels and moves the financial responsibility from CAPEX (Capital Expense) to OPEX (Operating Expense).


Today more than ever, contact centres have to be flexible and respond to change quickly. A true CCaaS solutions allows you the flexibility and scale your contact centre up or down in response to customer needs and changing work volumes. Businesses can react quickly to current events, such as when many call centres needed to make the move to remote learning.

Faster Innovation​

Businesses are implementing new technologies quicker than ever before and cloud communications allows your business to be more agile and adopt these changes faster. Adding new technology with an on-premise structure is a time consuming process. Yet with cloud communications, you can implement new tools and software faster without the need for new infrastructure.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Cloud communications changes how contact centres work, improving customer service and staff engagement. Moving to a true CCaaS solution allows businesses to integrate all the different communications channels like voice, video, sms, email and chat into one unified platform that can be accessed from any location. Customers can except faster and seamless communication with a cloud solution.


What is a cloud contact centre solution?

Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud based customer experience solution that is hosted in the cloud rather than on-premise servers. A CCaaS model delivers all the contact centre software needed, without the need for expensive hardware and IT support. This solution unifies all of your centres communication channels, and provides the right tools to deliver the best customer service across multiple channels, including voice, webchat, SMS, email and social media.

Independent advice, industry expertise

TelcoDataCloud work with 5 out of the top 6 market leaders in the unified communications space. Our team of CCaaS specialists have established strong relationships with the market leading vendors and will provide you with independent and unbiased advice.

Let us guide you through the different vendors and solutions, the training and the equipment that you will need to implement the perfect contact centre solution for your business.

Key vendors in the CCaaS market

Currently in the Contact Centre as a Service market the following are the key players:

If you are wondering what the differences are between these players, register with our team to have a discussion. Take advantage of our extensive industry knowledge and make your business upgrade faster and easier.

Collaboration through robust communication

Full control over your data

Our cloud-based services give you insights and reporting to help you make data-driven decisions and improve your service faster. Monitor performance in real-time, take control of your data, and optimise your business to the fullest potential.

Worry-Free experimentation

Cloud solutions give you the freedom to experiment and tinker with every aspect of the system to really see which parts of your communication can be improved and which are the best performing.

Cloud-based systems are also the best way to get real-time feedback with your team which invites constant collaboration to always ensure that all your processes are optimised.

We grow with you and your team

We believe that robust communication creates collaborations to make sure that the systems are properly integrated. We will work with you every step throughout the digital migration. Making sure you experience a seamless integration and will always be on top of the best contact centre solutions for your business.

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