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In todays changing workforce communication needs are constantly evolving. Having efficient and reliable communication tools is the foundation to business success.

Right now the need for businesses to be agile and stay connected with their team from anywhere and securely, means more workplaces are moving to cloud phones systems.

Cloud technology is evolving quickly and allowing more flexible and affordable solutions.Cloud PBX platforms replace your dated on-premise phone systems with a more flexible, fully featured and affordable communication tool.

Our UCaaS consultants keep on top on the industry leading offers to help you chops the right solution for your business.

What is a cloud phone?

What is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system is a type of UCaaS solution that moves your business phone service to the cloud. Also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), these systems transmit your voice and other data over the internet and is hosted on a secure off site cloud server. Unlike a traditional PBX that is hosted in physical hardware onsite.

This allows businesses to replace their on-premise phones systems to the cloud offering more security, flexibility, reliability and affordability.  Cloud business phones will unify your workforce communications channels in one platform, over the internet.

Why should Your Business Migrate to the Cloud?

Migrating your traditional PBX to a cloud platform will change the way you manage your communication and do business. There are a number of compelling reasons you should make the move.

Better Security and Reliability

Cloud PBX are more secure and reliable than your on-site phones, with this responsibility sitting with your service provider. To benefit from increased reliability, choose a reputable provider, such as RingCentral who boasts a 99.999% uptime SLA. These leading providers will offer you the best level of business continuity and ensure your customers, calls and data are safe and protected from cybercrime.

Agile, Flexible and Faster Implementation

Workplaces need to be flexible with the ability to respond to change quickly. Growing your business and making changes to your phone systems takes a considerable amount of time with a traditional PBX set up. Where a cloud solution allows businesses to implement new technology quickly and meet any future growth easily, without the restraints of old PBX systems. These modern solutions support flexible and remote work, allowing teams to work from anywhere.

Integrated Business Communications

Integrating your communication systems and workflow in one unified platform will improve business efficiency. Cloud PBX’s increase business productivity with seamless access to video, calls, messaging and emails. Plus you have access to rich unified communications features like analytics, CRM tools, AI intelligence, video conferencing, auto-attendants and more.

Less Maintenance

Traditional PBXs are expensive to set up and costly to maintain. With Cloud PBX solutions there’s no need for an IT staff to look after the system and be available when something goes wrong. Your phone system is managed offsite by your trusted provider and it is their priority to manage your service.


Cloud solutions are cheaper than traditional on-premise phone systems, meaning your telco costs will decrease significantly, There’s no longer the need to spend money on expensive telco hardware or IT costs associated with installation and ongoing maintenance of phone lines

Business Continuity

The right phone system is critical to your business continuity. Migrating your telco solutions to the cloud will allow your business to remain connected when a crisis hits. A hosted cloud system is unlikely to be affected by external issues such as a storm or pbx failure so your business can stay operational.

Let us Help You Choose the Leading Cloud Phone Solution

Choosing the right cloud partner for your business can be difficult. With many vendors in the market, it can take a long time to review all solutions and determine the best one. This is where

TelcoDataCloud can help; our independent consultants work closely with 5 out of the top 6 UCaaS providers, With our extensive knowledge and relationships in this industry, we will help your business achieve the right cloud solution at the right price.

We manage the process for you. Save time and money.

Our expert telco consultants provide project management, expense management, upgrades to your telephony system, seamless transition for your technology migration, help you adopt new platforms, and any other services your business might need related to telecommunications and
cloud phone systems.

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