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TelcoDataCloud are partnered with EMT Distribution believes every organisation deserves the best defences possible to mitigate the risk of cyber security incidents. Offering innovative security vendors, that cover the vast majority of attack vectors.

TelcoDataCloud’s security portfolio address the Australian Signals Directorate’s Top 4 and many of the ISM’s thirty seven major strategies to help mitigate cyber security incidents. These cyber security solutions deliver outstanding protection, performance, value and are backed up by outstanding support.

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TelcoDataCloud are partnered with EMT Distribution is a specialised value added distributor (VAD) with a focus on information security and the most effective cyber threat mitigation strategies.

Cybersecurity Partnership

Working in partnership with TelcoDataCloud emt provides specialist expertise for each solution

Application Whitelisting – With Ease. Airlock makes application whitelisting easy. Simple to use. Airlock was built to reduce complexity and scale rapidly in ever changing enterprise environments. Capture, Audit, Enforce. Fast, Creating, deploying, enforcing and managing application whitelists in is FAST. Organisations can become compliant and secure sooner with Airlock. Airlock Dashboard Complete Coverage.

All the functionality you need to protect your environment with Airlock.


Cyber Security that’s good for people and good for business. You deserve simple Privileged Access Management. That’s who we are. And we’re here to help you protect what matters most.

Don’t Ever Accept Privileged Access Management that Slows you Down

For a painless roll out, you need people to be on your side Demonstrate privileged account protection to auditors Powerful and intuitive privileged access management that achieve fast time to value SEE HOW IT WORKS.


The Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents is a document created by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). The document is a list of 37 strategies that organisations must or should implement to reduce risk of cyber security incidents. The list is informed by ASD’s experience in operational cyber security, including responding to serious cyber incidents and performing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for Australian Government Agencies.

Read More about strategies to mitigate the risk of cyber security incidents here

Application Whitelisting

Application Whitelisting is the opposite of Antivirus. Antivirus solutions have a signature based approach and work by having a database of known bad malware that will not be allowed to execute. Application whitelisting solutions work, instead, by having a database of trusted applications and deny execution of all other files, preventing bad as well as unknown programs from executing.

The Australian Signals Directorate rates application whitelisting as the most effective security control in their Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber intrusions.  Read more about Application Whitelisting here.

Endpoint Security

In security-speak computers and mobile devices are referred to as endpoints. Endpoint security is a concept where each endpoint is responsible for its own security and that remotely connecting to the network creates a potential entry point for security threats.  Endpoint Security came into being as more people are using remote methods to connect to corporate networks from a myriad of locations and devices.

This mobility means the network perimeter is no longer defined and protecting the Endpoints has never been more important.  Read more on Endpoint Security and solutions to address the endpoints here.

Malware analysis allows an organisation to quickly identify and triage files that may be unsafe for their environment.  It gives visibility into  what those files do.  This data produces actionable intelligence which can be used to detect and prevent further infections.

Malware Analysis can be conducted for a number of different reasons: Read more and discover solutions to identify possible malicious files.

Patch Management

When vulnerabilities exist, malicious actors will exploit them.  Software and hardware vendors constantly release patches to address vulnerabilities.  Just some of the challenges organisations face are to:

  • understand what is truly critical from a security stand point,
  • triage the  patching on a criticallity basis,
  • understand where the patches need to be applied,
  • and physically test, apply and check that patches have been successful across a myriad of devices and locations.

Read more about patch management and solutions that address the verification and automation of patch management

Remote Monitoring and Management

Ensuring your or your clients’ ITC assets are operational, secure and running at peak performance can be a daunting task.  Software and hardware infrastructure can choose the most inappropriate times to cause disruption to business.  Remote Monitoring and Management allows you to view the performance of assets, remediate issues and protect your organisation from anywhere and at anytime.

Proactive notification of degradation of service, systems failures, trending and protection statuses from a single pain of glass, allows businesses to accomplish more, with less.  Learn about solutions that can help you remotely monitor and manage your, or your clients ITC infrastructure.

Threat Defence

With over 20 million new pieces of malware being produced every 3 months globally, and targeted cyber intrusions across the full spectrum of business and government on the increase, detecting threats and mitigating them is more important than ever.

From known threats to unknown new and evolving techniques of malicious attacks and insider threats, organizations need to deploy the right solutions and technologies to identify and help mitigate the constant barrage.

Read more about solutions in the emt portfolio that enable Threat Detection here.


Meet your needs without adding complexity. Affordable, flexible solutions that scale. Accelerates information security adoption across the organisation. 180,000 PLUS That’s how many admins use Thycotic solutions. Spend a lot less time managing passwords and security. Easy to install and manage. Reduce IT burden.

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